Be the happiest parent they know

Raising happy children starts with YOU living in the NOW

I believe every family deserves to find their vision of happiness and I believe it begins with the parents.

So many of us bought into the idea that we must sacrifice our desires and ignore our needs in order to be a “good” parent. We put ourselves last and wonder why we feel drained, frustrated, and overwhelmed.

My mission is to help mothers feel confident, calm, present and at peace so they can raise happy kids while creating a life that energizes them.

I want to create a better world for our children. One where we have the skills to overcome the challenges in front of us, where maintaining a healthy mind is as important as maintaining a healthy body, and where a sense of community reminds us that we are not alone. A world where we respect each other and help each other.

We need to equip our children to live in this better world. And the best way to do that is to show them what it looks like by living it NOW

Hi, I'm Alice

After burning out (twice), crying daily, countless angry outbursts, and a body that was constantly in pain – I said “ENOUGH!” This is not how I wanted to live. This was not how I wanted my children to see me.

I knew that change had to begin with me …

"Be the parent you want your child to become"

- Alice Chepeau -

Happiness is a choice


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If we hope to raise children who rise to their fullest potential, we should first strive to rise to our own

- Rebecca Eanes -

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